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Esala Foundation

Helping hands to illuminate the lives of the mankind


Life is a temporary residence in this long worthless samsara. We belong to this world until our heart ceases to beat. So, in this tiniest breath of life why not stand for another. We, Esala Foundation is initiated to illuminate the lives of the mankind.

  • Assist to improve educational, sports and skill development opportunities in rural areas
  • Social empowerment and uplifting of living standards through globally recognized best practices
  • Environment enhancement and protection
  • Promotion of literature, philosophy, art and cultural studies among people
  • Encourage younger generation for entrepreneurship & create industrial collaboration to grasp emerging opportunities

Our Mission

Being a strength to souls with hope to leap towards success.

Our Vision

Building up a brighter future by illuminating lives of thousands of people and thereby cultivating virtues in the minds of individuals to help them reap benefits in this life as well as the next.


We organize number of events per year focusing on our main objectives. You can always join hands with us at your convenience and interests.

Mal Dansala Invitation

Blood Donation Campaign 2024

The annual Blood Donation Campaign in collaboration with the Blod Bank will be held for the second time on the 6th of April 2024 at Vijitharama Temple from 9:00 AM onwards. If you are willing to donate blood please register using the following form.

Venue: Vijitharama Temple
Date: 6th April 2024
Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Along with the aid and support of our kind hearted members and well-wishers of Esala Foundation, we have introduced a scholarship program for selected students to keep up with their educational activities. University and schooling students with financial difficulties are eligible for this scholarship program.

Become a Member

Any gracious person with a kind heart, regardless of where in the world you live, can join our family by becoming a member of Esala Foundation.
You are kindly invited to become a member and join hands with us on this journey to make this world a better place to live in.